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Vibe Bar

Vibe Bars are a high-end disposable vape device available in a wide array of flavors. This high end, quality disposable is quickly becoming one of the quickest growing disposables on the market with a large array of various flavors. Some of these flavors include: Strawberry Banana, Frozen Bananaa, Tangerine Ice, Strawberry, Cool Melon, Chilled Pear, Double Apple, Lush Ice, Mango and more. Vibe Bar has made it their mission goal to manufacture quality flavors with convenient, easy-to-carry devicesEverything from the battery down to the ejuice flavor is tested, retested and refined to utmost standards. The engineers at Vibe Bar understand that disposables are a great way to help adult smokers kick their smoking habit. This is why they have produced one of the trusted and highest quality disposable vapes in the industry. 

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