JUUL was invented to help adult smokers quit smoking cigarettes. In order to achieve this Goliath of a goal, the engineers at JUUL Labs were faced with multiple challenges. One of these challenges was to make the JUUL device an easy-to-carry vape pen. Despite what some anti-vaping ads say on TV, the JUUL was NOT created to look like a USB flash drive in order to fool parents. It was designed to be small, lightweight, compact and not be a burden when you carry it around in your pocket. Its compact design is a crucial part of helping adults stop smoking cigarettes. If you've seen most other vapes (or electronic cigarette devices), you can clearly see that they are heavy, bulky and a burden to carry around in your bag or pocket. This is part of the reason why some people had a hard time switching from smoking to vaping. They do not want to carry a heavy and bulky hunk of metal around with them all day. This is why the team at JUUL Labs made it their mission to engineer a device that adults could effortlessly carry with them; which in turn, could help steer them away from those packs of cigarettes they would normally carry. JUUL is unlike other vape pens and vape devices.

Another challenge JUUL faced was to create an easy-to-use, all-in-one device. Most other vapes on the market are indeed too complicated for the average person to learn how to use. This is because there are a lot of components within the average vape device. From tanks, to coils, to wattage and temperature, to 18650 batteries. Each part of a traditional vape comes in a WIDE variety of different forms that perform various functions.

Let's take coil wires as an example. A coil is the wiring that heats up the vape juice. There are numerous types of coil wires such as nickel, clapton, kanthal, and stainless steel. These coils come in a variety of different gauges and ohms such as: 22 gauge kanthal, 24 gauge nickel, 30 gauge nickel, 0.5ohms, 1.0ohms, 0.15ohms and beyond! Each type of coil wire has its own unique quality which requires a specific current of electricity in order to ignite properly. If any of these wires is ignited at the incorrect wattage or temperature, the vape will either fail to ignite or explode. This is why it is EXTREMELY crucial for one to be very knowledgeable with not only wattage and electrical currents, but EVERY component to a vape before making the switch. It can be dangerous. But overall, it's complicated. This is another reason why some adult smokers have shied away from making the switch to vaping. Thus, JUUL was committed to inventing a device that is super easy to use in hopes of steering adult smokers away from smoking.

One of the final major challenges that JUUL faced was to create an eliquid that gives the same satisfaction as a cigarette. Some smokers who tried vaping felt that eliquid did not give them the same satisfying feeling as a cigarette. This was indeed another milestone for JUUL to overcome. However, through much research and development, JUUL was able to create their very own patented eliquid that gives the same satisfying feeling as a cigarette. JUUL pods are pre-filled with this patented eliquid and snap easily onto your JUUL device. Simply inhale and the eliquid is ignited into vapor form giving you a vaping experience unlike no other.

Sleek, easy-to-use, compact, and revolutionary. Indigo Distribution is a proud JUUL distributor.

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