Da Boss Leaf - Flavored Tobacco Leaf Wraps
Da Boss Leaf

Da Boss Leaf - Flavored Tobacco Leaf Wraps

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Da Boss Leaf - Flavored Tobacco Leaf Wraps


Wholesale box of 8 packs. Each pack contains 7 wraps + 2 mini wraps. Ideal for wrapping cigars for an enhanced smoking experience. Square cut and easily to roll. Comes in a resealable mylar pouch to preserve flavor and moisture. Choose from 6 delectable flavors: Honeycomb, Banana Cream, Jamaican Cream, French Vanilla, Sweet Classic, Dark XO, Natural Original, and Strawberry Cough. All nautral and delicious. Take your smoking experience to the next level with Da Boss Leaf. 

Product info:

  • Flavored tobacco leaves
  • Non-GMO
  • Premium Quality tobacco leaves
  • Square cut
  • Resealable mylar bag
  • Wholsale box of 8 pack

Da Boss Leaf flavored tobacco wraps are handpicked from the best tobacco growers. Carefully treated to provide optimal flavor and aroma. Perfect for rolling your own cigarettes or making excellent cigars. Expertly prepared to retain optimal flavor and aroma. Enjoy a longer-lasting cigarette. Our tobacco leaves are engineered to burn slowly and uniformly. An ideal addition to your smoking collection.

Introducing our Honeycomb Leaf Wraps, a delicious blend of sweetness and natural goodness that will enhance your smoking experience. These wraps provide a taste of golden, honeyed delight, changing your smoking experience into a gourmet excursion infused with the warm, soothing flavor of honeycomb.

Our Dark XO Leaf Wraps offer a premium smoking experience that blends the rich, dark sophistication of old cognac with the exotic attraction of excellent cigars. These wraps are the pinnacle of luxury for the discriminating smoker, meant to elevate your session with a sumptuous, complex flavour profile.

Introduce our Natural Original Leaf Wraps, the pinnacle of purity and simplicity in the world of smoking accessories. These wraps are intended for sophisticated smokers who value the pure, original taste of their preferred smoking materials with no added flavoring. Natural Original Leaf Wraps give a clean, unaffected canvas for your smoking experience, letting you to savor the full flavor of your herbs.

Enhance your smoking experience with the Sweet Classic Leaf Wrap, the pinnacle of sophistication and enjoyment for the discerning smoker. Crafted with precision and tailored for people who expect more from their smoking sessions, this premium Leaf wrap is the ideal companion for any aficionado.

The French Vanilla Smoking Wrap invites you to a world of sophisticated smoking pleasure. Whether you want to make your own cigarettes or enjoy the art of hand-rolled herbal concoctions, our wraps are the best option for people who expect nothing less than excellence.

Escape to a tropical paradise with Jamaican Cream Smoking Wraps, your ticket to a unique and delectable smoking experience. Crafted to infuse your smoke with the essence of the Caribbean, these wraps will take your senses to Jamaica's sunny coastlines with each puff.

Introducing our Strawberry Cough Smoke Wraps, the ideal method to enhance your smoking experience while adding a burst of delightful fruity flavor to your favorite herbs. These wraps are intended for enthusiasts who value both the art and science of smoking, and they feature a delectable strawberry infusion that will leave you wanting more.

Prepare to embark on a voyage of delectable sweetness with our Banana Cream Smoke Wraps, a wonderful variation on the smoking experience that will leave you wanting more. These wraps are painstakingly created to infuse your sessions with the rich, creamy essence of ripe bananas, bringing a taste of tropical paradise to each puff.

Wholesale only. Not for sale to minors. Must be a state-certified business with a valid business and/or tobacco license to purchase from our website. 

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