Great Whip Cream Chargers - Case of 600 chargers

Great Whip Cream Chargers - Case of 600 chargers

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Case of 12 boxes of Great Whip cream whip chargers

Each box contains 50 chargers

Each charger contains 8.2g of pure N2O

Each case contains 600 chargers in total

1 charger whips up to half a liter of whipping cream, mousses, sauces etc. Use accordingly with instructions on the box.

Product info:

  • 18.5mm x 18.5mm x 65mm
  • Blue zinc coated, or any color painted
  • Made in China and CE certified
  • 100 percent recyclable steel
  • Compatible with all standard sized 8g whipped cream dispensers
  • Purest quality food-grade nitrous oxide gas

These premium-quality GreatWhip cream chargers are filled with100 percent pure, food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. These N2O cartridges are manufactured in China and are CE certified, which is great because they can be accessed internationally. GreatWhip cream chargers have wide compatibility with cream whippers from different brands on the market, such as GreatWhip, Kayser, and ISI. Make sure you follow the guidelines on your cream whipper when using N2O GreatWhip cream chargers. The GreatWhip brand is well-known as the world’s best in the cartridge production industry, thanks to its 10+ years of experience. GreatWhip is highly committed and experienced in the manufacturing of whipped cream dispensers, soda siphons, and pressurized canisters. The brand’s commitment and experience guarantee superior quality as well as competitive pricing. That’s why GreatWhip is one of the most popular cream charger brands on today’s market. Why wait, use GreatWhip cream chargers today to create delicious whipped cream to top your dessert coffee and other foods. You could also be more creative by preparing cocktail toppings and rapid drink infusions to impart a rich texture and flavor.

Wholesale only. Not for sale to the public. Must be a state-certified business to purchase. 

Whipped cream cartridges contain nitrous oxide, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

The inhalation of nitrous oxide outside of a clinical setting may have dangerous health effects. It is a violation of state law to possess nitrous oxide or any substance containing nitrous oxide, with the intent to breathe, inhale, or ingest it for the purpose of intoxication.

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