White Sage Wand 4"

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Wholesale 4" White Sage Wand

Cast small spirits away with this magical sage wand! Works just any other sage wand, just a smaller size. Probably more effective on smaller ghouls. Not guaranteed to work, though. If you need the environment around cleansed of evil spirits and foul odors, this sage wand may be the thing you need. Believed to possess both physical and metaphysical properties. Please check out our larger safe wand here... White Sage Wand 9"

Product info:

  • Approximately 4 " in length
  • May be used to cleanse the air around you
  • May be used as a spiritual tool
  • Sage is believed to contribute to positive mood
  • May help relieve stress
  • May help with hindering pet & dust allergins
  • May help boost cognition
  • Soothing fragrance

Wholesale only. 

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