Wicked Sense 13oz Soy Candles

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Wicked Sense 13oz Soy Candles

Burns for 70 hours.

Struggling with lingering cooking smells, pet odors, smoke, or any stinky smell at home? What about that fish stench when someone brings their disgusting lunch to work? When trapped in a small area, even the slightest smell can be overwhelmingly off-putting. Looking for a solution to eliminate the unwanted odor without masking it with chemicals? Get Wicked Sense. Our hand-poured soy wax candles give you the soothing experience you expect from your candles, yet eliminates any household odor, hint of smoke, and even pet scents at a fraction of the cost of everything else out there.

Available in various scents.

Product info:

  • Eliminates Smoke Odor, Food Odor, Pet Odor & other household odor.
  • Fragrance: Sweet Melons mixed with a wicked blend of various fruits.
  • Designed to remove the odor from the air and not just mask it.
  • Made from Soy blend wax. Clean Burn. Minimal waste.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use. Burn Time: 70+ hours.

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