Roor 14" Beaker Glass Water Pipe


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Roor 14" Beaker Glass Water Pipe

100% authentic Roor glass. Ships safely and securely. Due to limited availability, we will send a random color. Each piece embodies a unique signature on the side of the beaker base.

Product info:

  • 100% authentic
  • Various colors (colors are limited, we will send you random colors)
  • 45mm x 5mm German Schott glass
  • Unique signature
  • Fluid airflow
  • Ice pinches
  • 19mm/14mm open ended downstem 
  • 14mm medium size funnel bowl
  • ROOR Authentication seal on the box

Wholesale only. Not suitable for minors. Must be of legal age to purchase. 

We are a wholesale only website. But if you are interestested in purchasing ROOR glass via retail, then please visit our partner at